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Written Testimonials Camas Tommy L.

I just wanted to say "thank you" for taking such good care of me through the years. Last month, I had messed up my low back and was in extreme pain as a result of it. I knew right away that I needed to see you for an adjustment. My expectation was that I was going to have to take a few days off from work, as walking was very difficult being bent over and lifting anything was out of the question. Even just standing up was tough. After your adjustments, however, I went home and layed down for a couple of hours, and after 2 hours, my back felt much better as a result of the adjustments and work that had been done earlier to my low back. I was even able to go to work the next day. I was able to to continue training for Hood-to-Coast relay after a few more days and back to normal after 2 weeks, just as Dr. Scott told me when I left the office that afternoon! I am truly thankful to Dr. Scott and his staff of true professionals that have continued to help me through the years. You are all a very positive testimony to your profession! Thank you all!

Success Stories Camas Claudia D.

I initially went to see Dr.Scott for a neck problem I had been having. I wasn't getting any relief from the chiropractor I had been seeing for years. After a few sessions, my neck started improving & over time I was no longer having neck pain. I liked the fact that with each treatment, he would not only focus on my neck but make sure my whole body was in alignment.

This summer, I started experiencing pain in my left knee, shortly after I had returned from an overseas vacation. I knew that I was in need of an adjustment, so I went to see Dr. Scott, and after a few appointments, I was back in alignment. I had already resumed my exercise program at that time, so unfortunately the knee pain continued.

I went back to see Dr. Scott, and he referred me to an orthopedic doctor. After havinga knee x-ray, it was determined that I had osteoarthritis & the padding between the two bones of my knee was almost gone. I was told to stop my high impact aerobics and instead begin water aerobics/stationary bicycle, as these are healthy exercises for my condition. My knee pain began to improve & eventually went away completely.

It was because of Dr. Scott's knowledge and caring that I continued to be pain free and have now changed my exercise program to improve my well being.

I feel blessed that I found Dr. Scott as my chiropractor. I know I am in good hands.

What People Say About Chiropractic Care Center & Massage Therapy | Camas Chiropractors Robert S.

One day, while bending over to replace a set of 40 pound dumbbells in the rack, I felt a severe pain in my lower back. Within seconds, I couldn't put any weight onto my right foot, leading me to conclude that it was BAD. I've never felt pain that severe before!

Once home, I called our regular medical provider to ask how to treat the pain until I could be seen. His response was vague and he was unsure of whether to apply heat or ice to the area. He finally recommended heat. After giving up on him, I called Dr. Scott, who I had seen for other chiropractic needs in the past. This was after hours, however, he returned my call promptly. He gave me recommendations to ease the pain until he was able to see me. He said heat was the worst thing to do and to only ice the area. He scheduled me for that afternoon.

After a thorough examination and x-rays, Dr. Scott concluded that I had "bulged" a disc in my lower back. He told me that he had treated many of these problems over the years and could help me get through this. He told me to expect a 50% pain reduction after one week and to be feeling even better in two weeks. He was right! After only five weeks of treatment, I had only missed two weeks of work and was well into my recovery. I know I would have missed more had I gone to the medical doctor.

I've been very pleased with Dr. Scott. He takes the time to answer all of my questions and never rushes me out of the door. He has taken the time to get down on the floor to demonstrate stretches or exercise techniques. He's always pleasant and very positive. His adjustments are gentle and non-aggressive. Even if you just have questions or need advice, I highly recommend Dr. Scott!

What People Say About Chiropractic Care Center & Massage Therapy | Camas Chiropractors Michelle H.

I had a hurt neck and was in severe pain. I spent a week on the floor lying on my back taking pain pills and had been to the Emergency Room twice in a 2-week period. I was referred to Dr. Scott by a friend but was always afraid of chiropractors. Now I swear by them! I felt so comfortable; Dr. Scott and his staff were so friendly and positive.

My symptoms are 100 times better since I received treatment. I no longer take pain medication and am able to do much of the things that would have left me in severe pain without thinking twice about it.

I will definitely refer my friends and family. These guys are awesome!

What People Say About Chiropractic Care Center & Massage Therapy | Camas Chiropractors Jody B.

I could not sleep on my right side due to shoulder pain and it had "frozen up." I couldn't reach forward or to the opposite side without pain. I tried physical therapy and pain medications before coming to see Dr. Scott. I was amazed that chiropractic worked on shoulders and my pain has significantly decreased. I can sleep on my right side & can reach forward & to the left with less pain. My quality of life has greatly improved!

Dr. Scott has made me feel very confident about chiropractic care & the staff always makes me feel very welcome...they are great!